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Mrs Ruby's style conjure

Spell Casting Services (Vigil Burning Package)

The Hoodoo Workshop is now offering vigil burning services. To get started follow the 2 easy steps below.

  • Choose a package and make a payment
  • Email with a detailed description of your problem/concerns

Within 24 hrs of payment, you will receive an email confirming your order request and the time/date your altar will be set up.

What you will get

  • A photo of your complete altar setup
  • Photos of everything used to perform the ritual
  • A detailed report on the work done


The Hoodoo Workshop can make no guarantees that any of the vigil services will make a significant change in your situation. Spell casting never comes with guarantees. If someone tells you any different RUN and run FAST! You can count on the fact that I many years of spell casting experience. And every technique and tool that I have in my toolbox will be used for your situation. I don't cut corners on my client's work. That's why The Hoodoo Workshop has loyal and repeat clients. 



Custom Spellwork

Custom Spellwork $375.00 USD  for 15 days ( This does not include court case work).


  • Email me with a full description of your problem and the results you're seeking.
  • Email me a photo of yourself and all parties concerned​​

You will receive a confirmation of your order from me within 24 hrs.


Spell advice by email

Price: $75.00 USD


  • Email me an exact description of your problem
  • Describe in detail the desired outcome

You will receive your spell report within 3 days of payment. Please allow time as these reports are custom made to your particular situation. 

What is a spell report?

Spell reports are custom spells written by me that you can perform according to your needs. All of the spells have been tested with good results.

Are there any Guarantees that the spells will work?

No, there is no such thing as guarantees when it comes to spell casting.