Saint Expedite Tribute Page

August 27, 2010


Saint Expedite is the Saint that people call on when they need things done in a hurry.

He also works wonders in areas:

  • Business
  • Finding a Job
  • Court (will speed the case along)
  • Computer related Issues
  • Get rid of issues/ people etc

This Saint will offer his help in any matter that time is of the essence.

Place your thanks to this great saint here.

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DO NOT put anything on this thread other than your thanks and gratitude to Saint Expedite. All post that are not for Saint Expedite placed on this thread will be removed immediately. Also, I have stated on my other blog posts that I won't be answering questions until after Jan 23rd 2013. Some of you are posting messages on this thread still asking questions because the other blog post are locked down. Why would you do that? Posting questions on any post that you can find open will not change anything. Frankly, it is quite rude! 

It consumes a lot of my time and energy to answer those post. I have clients, family, work, and a life that demands my attention. If I can provide such a service one can a least respect my simple rules and etc...

Thankyou St. expedite for all your bountyfull blessing and speedy help. You are such a wonderful, and fast worker and I will always praise your name and spread your name

Thank you St Expedite for granting my prayers. You have been wonderful and thank you ever so much for your favour and blessings. At long last, i feel the wheel has started turning and that things are only going to get better. Thank you for your guidance and kind intervention.

Thank you St Expedite for granting my prayers. Thank you for your help.

Thank you St. Expedite for hearing and granting your help and asking for my prayer to be granted.

Thank you St. Expedite for all of your help and assistance. Thank you for your continued help and support in answering my requests.
Glory to you St. Expedite

Oh St. Expedite, thank you for helping me yet again, you are so gracious! Thank you!

Praise the good Lord! I am sending in this urgent request for a financial miracle that is urgently needed to save us.
We are in urgent need of over $200,000, to pay off our major loans and taxes. It has got to the point where are gas was cut off last evening and soon we will be without any other utilities because we do not have any money to pay.
We have fallen behind in everything and now we are so far behind that everything is crowding in on us and basically suffocating us and we need the help of someone higher in our lives and so I turn to you and beg you to help us and I promise in return to spread your name every where in the world and to honor you in our home.
This is a very urgent miracle. Thank you in the blessed name of JESUS. AMEN and AMEN!!!

Thanks a lot st.expedito for your prompt help with a new are great!!!i would like to say to anyone who is in need that he is powerful mate on your best!!! thanx a loads.

Dear St. Expedite, thank you so much for your assistance yet again. I do appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you!

thank you st. expedite!

i wanna thank you st Expedite because this is not the first time i've come to you, i know that In the name of the Lord all mighty that my prayers are already answers,i ask of you to grant my deepest and most disirable wishes to make money via clickbank, you know how much i want weekly, and you all the reason behind this urgent matter you've see how my mother and i are waiting for this positif outcome Thank you again for your help AMEN.

Thank you, Saint Expedite, for helping me find a great job.

St.Expedite thank for answering one of my petiton i hope u will hear me and help grant my other petition that jcrp call me asap amf that i get the job i applied for today i have faith u will hear me and help me soom thank for always coming to my assistamce please help me and hear me with these petition that r very importamt i love jcrp with all my heart amd want him to calll asap and reallly wnt the job please hear my prayer!!!!

Thank you St. Expedite for providing the first half of my request. I am so grateful that you took pity upon me and provided me with half of the funding that I so desperately need. I know that you will continue to work on my behalf in order for me to receive the other half quickly.

san expedito please grant my request that these phone calls r urgent to me plesse let me receive them asap please let jcrp find in his heart to call asap i promise to build you an altar in my home if u grant me my request.

san expedito please grant me this petition that v.v calls. by 8/3/11 nd and ask for us to make it work together

Thank you St Expedite, for allowing me to learn patience, but now I call upon you to help me win my battle here, and to help me get back my happy life. I want my peace back, and like so many others who are praying with me, help us all by letting us be happy together again soon.
I will light a candle for you as soon as my work is done.

Saint Expedite,
Please continue to provide immediate assistance. After one day of praying to you, I already see progress. Thank you!

Thank you St Expedite for the assistance this week. My family could not be more appreciative

San expedito.
First nd firmost I wanna thank u for always coming to my assistance in my great times of needs.san expedito please help grant me this petition thats very urgent being that u are the patron of urgent causes pleaae here my request nd prayers that jcrp is only sentence to 1year or jst a few years in prison but not given a whole lot I will do as I promise if u can come to my assistance with this urgent matter I place my faith nd trust in u that u will help me thank you san expedito!!!!!

Thank you St Expedite for answering my petition so quickly. Thank you for the money and credit received. Thank you for helping us to be able to pay our rent on the 15th this month. You have given us financial room to breathe.

Thank you,

San expedito i wanna thank u for always coming to my assistance.i come to u with these urgent matter that jcrp will ask me to be his girlfriend by 9/13/11 and forever be together nd also help me find a good job soon so i can rake care of my family ive always have helped other but i havent been able to stop struggling please help me please hear and grant me these favors u who r the patron of urgent causes and can make things happen please grant me these two petition urgently please hear prayers san expedito i will always be greatful to you thank you!!!

Please help me st expediate. I need a job in my related field. Please let my resume stand out and work for a good company. Thank you so far for everything you have done for me and my family.

Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU Saint Expedite!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for helping me to get the modification on my home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH!

I greatly appreciate your assistance with this!


Dominique L.

thank you saint expedite for helping.i am eternal gratefull.glory to you saint expedite

Thank you, Saint Expedite, for helping my husband find another job after he was laid off. We are grateful for all the help you have given us in the past, and for the help you are giving now and in the future. Much thanks and blessing to your name!

Dear St. Expedite, I have already started with my 9 days novena to you and I know that you will help me with my wish in due time. I hope and pray for your kind intercession to grant my petition. Glory be your name St. Expedite...

St. Expedite, I couldn't thank you enough for granting my request. For showing me some strong positive signs on my 4th day of doing my novena to you. The company had expressed positive response to the job that I have applied and I just need to wait for the final confirmation of everything. So I'm pretty sure that you will continue to work on my petition and give me my wish to be in that company very soon. Glory to you St. Expedite. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers with the kind intercession of our beloved St. Exedite. Thank u so much.

Thank you saint expedite. You helped get my money back before the creditors could have it & i will be getting it back soon. Thank you. Praise to you Saint Expedite!!!

Dear Saint Expedite,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming through for me with my request regarding UE benefits. I KNOW it is because of you, that they approved my claim so quickly. With the government, things NEVER happens that quickly. I made my request on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it was a done deal by the day after TG, in just a mere 2 business days. And I owe it all to YOU!

I appreciate your much needed assistance. You have my eternal gratitude.




Thank You Saint Expedite for granting my request on money matter. You quickly came to my assistance, help came from unexpected source. I am happy working with a powerful saint that really helps!Glory to you Saint Expedite!

Thank you and blessings to Saint Expedite for helping me to reach a financial deadline today. I was faced with legalities and breech of contract if I would not have met the deadline. I have set up alter and honored you for a mere three days, and you quickly responded to my needs. I look forward to continuing my divination towards you over the next six days, as I pray that the rest of my financial needs are met over the course of this time. Blessings to you and praise to you. I shall not abuse your gifts, but instead honor them and you with the most highest gratitude.

I want to thank st expedite for reuniting me with my best friend and love. It was a matter of urgency. Our time together after praying to you was full of light and joy. I cannot thank you enough. I will continue to thank you and pray to you as I nurture this relationship. Thank you for being there for me in my time of emotional turmoil and distress. x

thank you St expedite for helping mme and interceeding on my behalf... I am truely thankful..I ant to express my heartfelt apology for not always keeping my end of it by not publicly giving thanks for your help and I ask for forgiveness.. I also ask that you continue to work and interceed on my behalf as I will be quick as you are to give thanks and whatever promises I make.. I am greatful for you help..PLEASE forgive me and continue to work on my behalf....THANK YOU ST> EXPEDITE


dear st.expedite i ask for forgiveness for not giving your due, this work to me a new, i love you, n thank you for your blessing

Thanks st.expedite for helping me get the job I asked for.

Thank You saint Expedite for the $100 and the 2 new clients

St. Expedite, I thank you for all of your blessings. Thank you for opening the door for the money to start flowing into my household. I know that it is just a matter of time before the larger amounts requested begin to show up. Thank you for giving me the jumpstart that I needed. Thank you also for helping to find the very nice statue of you. Let's say that you arrived

thank you St. Expedite for helping me with my business and my bills

Due to "interesting circumstances," I found myself in need of $2,000 to pay my bills. I came to St. Expedite with a great need and a heavy heart. St. Expedite answered my prayer quickly and provided me with more than what I asked for in only a few days. I am humbled and honored that St. Expedite demonstrated favor by granting my petition. Thank you!

St expedite please help grant my petition that jcrp will be sentenced by2/6/12 nd he will be release from jail by 2/6/12 I promise to give u ur offering nd also buy u in a gold medallion nd always wear u I love jcrp with all my heart please dnt ever let anyone come betweeen us I want thus forever thank u st.expedite for always hearing my prayer nd grant my petition.

Thank you St. Expedite for bringing customers to me! The more you bring, the more I can serve. Your help is essential! May many people find you, be helped by you, and help others in turn.


Feb. 6, 2012

Thank you Good Saint Expedito,please continue. Thanks & Praise Our Good MOther & Our Lord,All SAints,Patrons, Blessed Souls pray for us all. AMen

Thank you St. Expedite for the blessings we receive. I am petitioning you (& St. Joseph) that our property sells quickly so we may move to a better location that will allow us to earn a higher income. We have the property chosen, we just need to sell this one very fast so we can move soon. Thank you, St. Expedite, for listening and granting this request.

Thank you so much blessed Saint Expedito. Once again, you came through so quickly.I appreciate you and honor you always for your quick help&intercession to God. Thank you so much for healing my friendship&relationship with the love of my life.amen

Words cannot articulate how amazed and fascinated I am with Saint Expedite.

Saint Expedite, thank you for your immediate assistance and intercession- I am in complete awe over your rapid response and aide. Please continue to help with my petition. Many thanks, Saint Expedite!

thank you very much St. Expedite for answering my prayers especially when I most need it. Thank you for the insurance money that I've received. I will continue to pray, praise and spread your wonderful works.

Thank you St. Expedite for your help in having my petition answered

Thank you Saint Expedite I was having issues in my relationship and i turned to Saint Expedite, he heard me and responded within hours!!!! Thank you so much I can now have peace of mind and you made a believer out of me.

St Expedite,
I am about to lose all that I own. I am in dire need of $12,000.00 to pay off my bills and bring my accounts current. I am two months behind with my car payment and other debts. I have dedicated a place in my home for you and light candles to you. I think that you are meant to be in my life and you will have your due place once you grant me my petitions quickly. I will praise your name to the whole world and I will give you what is rightfully yours once it comes to pass.
Thank you so much!


I am seriously behind on my bills. I petitioned St. Expedite for $12,000.00!! The most important bill is my car payment which is two months behind. I was able to get the money after praying to him and he has made a way out of no way! I was able to get the money to pay my car payments and as I promised I am posting on your site to let the world know. I have an alter for him in my home and I will keep believing in him for the rest I need. I know that he will come through for me. I will give him the rest of my promise once the other part is granted. Thank you my most beloved St. Expedite.


I petitioned St Expedite on Easter Sunday. He took care of my needs last Wednesday. I set up a thank you alter for him and a different alter to find a job. I truely thank him from the bottom of my heart and have told alot of people about him.

I praise St Expediate for his help in sorting out my insurance claim. Thank you so much for answering my petition.

St Expedite I am asking for your speedy help with my fianacial situation and my lost love. Please help me to get him back right now in the form of a phone communication between us and send me some financial help before this week is finish.
Thank you so much in advance.

Thank you St Expedite for helping me out...I will spread your name...Thank you

Thank you yet once again,..St. Expedite. You have come through and saved my Son-in-law from losing his job, that he has held for the last 20 years. I can't thank you enough..(this has obviously been more than mere coincidence!).

Thankyou to my WONDERFUL ST EXPEDITO!! your amazing!! You answered my request for this court case and believe me when I say I am ever so grateful!!!And most important, you didnt waste time!! Trust that this wont be the last time I post my grattitude to you ST EXPEDITO!!! your the best!

Thank you St. Expedite for all your help...My rent being paid for next month...Helping me getting that new job and also help me with some of my bills...Your so amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart...You work so fast and I thank you for that...I pray you continue to help me through out my life...Thank you

Thank You St Expedite for hearing my request for help. You know how to get things done quickly. It's no wonder you are the subject of so much praise.

Thank you St.Expedite for helping me gain employment.

St. Expedite thank you for the help on what I prayed for...I know you still have more to come, but I just want to say thank you and your are wonderful...

Thank you St Expedite for helping me with my prayer to have my long term disability through Metlife approved. Glory to you St Expedite!

thank you St. Expedite for your blessings and coming to our needs.And answering our prayers.

Thank you. St Expedite for prayers answered

Thank you St.Expedite for prayers answered for me and my family

Thank you St.Expedite for answering some of my prayers...I know you are still working...I just want to thank you for what done for so far...Thank you

Thank you St Expedite for bringing customers to my business so that I can help serve others! Thank you also for protecting my computer so that the work can continue. Your work is amazing!

With deep gratitude,

Thank you soo much St Expedite for your speedy help in my dire need for help! I am soooo grateful for your help. I truly am from the bottom of my heart. I thank God for you!

Urgently need St Expedite help with a court case. We need to win this case and I know St Expedite will help me with this.

Dear Saint Expedite,

This is the first time that I have ever prayed to you, and I wanted to thank you deeply for helping me during this uncertain time and for delivering to me more than I could have imagined possible. I am truly grateful for your assistance and have and will continue to spread your name!

THank you St. Expedite for your help...You been a blessing in my life and I thank you...

St. Expedite! I burned a 7 day novena candle with my petition to you and I promised you several things when the candle burned out... You came through and through! And 4 days later, the candle was done! My boyfriend had 2 calls about potential jobs, one in cali and one in Kentucky where we both wanna go!! I also did the incantation to end procrastination and i have never been more motivated! Thank you so much!!

Thank you Saint Expedite for hearing and answering my prayer! You are so gracious and a wonderful worker. I will continue to spread your name to others who are in need of help.

Saint Expedite you work fast and you work quick...Please help me with money to pay bills, my quickly any wishes/spells and prayers done to me undo and send back to sender..Remove negativity immediately and bring my money flow back.

Thank You, Saint Expedite, for answering my prayer! I've never seen a saint with as much power and ability as you! Forever, I will tell my children and their children of the power of the great Saint Expedite!

Thank You St Epedite for staying with me during the crical time that my family went true,i will spread your prompt actions to my request. I know you are still working on me as this is the most difficult decision I have to make....thank you St. Expedite....

Thank you Saint Expedite for expediting my petition when I had a deadline to met with a certain legal document. Eventhough I needed this precise document from two different sources, He immediately came through within only a few days so far with at least one of them, giving me exactly what I asked for when I made all the terms so clear!
I will spread the glory of your name upon different Nations, I will bear witness to your Realness and I will print out your image and make business cards out of them to spread the goodness of your Power. Thank you Thank You so much!!

St.Expedite, thank you for answering half of my request. I hope u will hear me and help grant my other petition. I will continue to pray to you as I have faith you will hear me and help me soon. Thank you for always coming to my assistance. Please help me and hear me with the other petition that are very important so I can unite and have my family together. I will give you, St. Expedite, the rest of my promise once the other part is granted. Thank you my most beloved St. Expedite.

I wish to give thanks to you, St. Expedite, for helping bring results to my situation that I have been praying to you for. I will always be grateful to you and will continue to pray for your aid in the future. There are not enough words of gratitude I could possibly share with the world to describe how amazing your help has been for me. Thank you so much, Saint Expedite!

I know what I ask for is desperate St. Expedite. It's hard to believe anyone can help with it and I am embarrassed I have neglected steps to help myself more. Please see my desperate need, and what will be a much more desperate need in a very short time. St. Expedite, have mercy and bring to me a small miracle to aid my physical body, and in turn, my mental and spiritual health and I will do my best to not fall behind again. See that I have a real need, and help me in your mercy. With praise and thanks. Thank you Saint Expedite. Praise you for your help towards me and toward all these hurting and frightful souls.

Fatih is a thing that escapes me. For some reason, you found a way to help me. For some reason, despite my lack of faith, yousaw how badly I wanted to believe. I don't know how you did this because it was literally impossible. But you have answered my prayer to you and you have given to me something I haven't had in years, a belief in something greater. Praise you for your help, for your love, for your mercy and for answering my request.

You are getting soooo many cakes.

Thank you St. Expedite! I gave thanks earlier, but I did so because that just seemed like I was suppose to. Now that I know, I give you deliberate thanks, I thank you and make full acknowledgement that you helped not only me by answering in just quick time, but you help others I love as well. Thank you, praise to your name and thanks for your mercy.

Thank you St. Expedite for answering my prayers. I am so very humbled that you have shone your grace upon me to answer my urgent need in a matter of days. Thank you so very much!! Amen!!hallelujah!!!

Thank you St. Expedite for granting my request and assisting me through troubled times.

Thankyou St Expedite for helping me get my car fixed for free.You are amazing.

Thank you St Expedite for helping me to find a job. I am so greatful for what you have done for me thus far! You are simply amazing>

Dear St. Expedite, thank you so very much for granting my request. My heart overflows with gratitude for your quick response. You are a wonderworker. May your name be revered and may your fame grow. With sincere heartfelt thanks and love.

Thank you Saint Expedite for all your help.

Dear St Expedite,

I want to apologize to you for not keeping our "deal" in he past after you came thry for me. Please know that it was not intentional and at that time I was like 90 going North and I was all over the place. I hope that you will forgive me and my shortcomings and assist me in the near future when I petiton you.

I know mistake cost me a good friend and benevolent helper. Please accept my apology and lets start over! I promise this was a lesson learned and it will NOT happen again.

Thank you St. Expedite for you help

Thank you for the blessings received. They were right on time!

Thank you so very much St. Expedite for coming to my aid during a difficult time. Thank you for working so quickly to get the financial situation resolved satisfactorily. I am humbled and grateful to receive your favor and blessings!

Thank you saint expedite for such speedy results in getting me temporary accommodation while I search for a job in the city. After praying to you for less than a week, you came through for me with a house that matched my petition exactly! Thank you! I will have flowers and pound cake for you within the week! I pass your name on so that more people will invoke you.

Thank you St Expedite for coming to my aid so quickly. Thank you for your blessings!



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