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Saint Expedite tribute-page

November 22, 2016


This page is dedicated to Saint Expedite. If he has answered your prayers this is the place to acknowledge him.


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I sincerly apologize for give you the offering that I promised.

Beloved Saint Expedite, once again, You were very rapid granting my request to You! I am sorry if I have done something wrong and I ask Your forgiveness in the name of Your love to Jesus. I love You so and I am so grateful that You are always here for me. I'll always praise Your name and help! I am so grateful for Your blessed help, each time I need Divine assistance! Glory to You, Saint Expedite, for ever and ever!

Thank you for this site...I would like thank dear ST.EXPEDITE for helping my daughter and her 2 colleagues during the contest.They ranked 3rd.
.We are so happy and proud..Thank you st.expedite for helping and guiding them.. Everything is really possible with you..Thank you.
I am so proud of you.

I want to give many thanks to Saint Expedite for resolving the issues that I am having with my workload which has caused me much stress. I asked help from Saint Expedite and he has come through with very quickly for me . thank you Saint Expedite!! God bless you!

I want to thank St. Expedite for the blessing of answering my immediate need of a financial blessings to maintain my temporary living place in only a few hours. I am so very grateful to honor you and bless you with the gifts that make you happy. Love you St. Expedite.