The Just Judge Candle court case spells

May 14, 2012

Just Judge 7 day candle ( Justo Juez)

This post comes in response to inquiries concerning court case spells.


The Just Judge candle is a staple in hoodoo court case conjure. In fact, it sits along side of the notorious beef tongue spell used to tie the tongue of opposing witnesses. The candle, itself, conjures up powerful archetypical energies of justice. This alone makes the Just Judge candle a powerful force in court case conjure. However, to truly work this powerful JUJU, one should have an understanding of the forces that this candle invokes.

To get a clearer understanding, we shall look no further than our own criminal justice system. In the American Justice System, the prosecutor and the judge is a symbol of justice. Their job is to dispense fairness—when the system is working as it was intended—to everyone regardless of race, sex, religion, and etc. This too is the job of the Just Judge candle, to wield the sword of justice. Okay, we all know the system is not perfect and justice is not always served! In those cases, the Just Judge candle can weigh the scales of justice.  

How can I work with the Just Judge candle?

You can work with the Just Judge candle anytime fairness is a concern, not just in court cases. (1) To gain a fair judgment in court, including a lighter sentence (2) To win in court if you were wrongly accused (3) To bring the forces of justice on your side in any situation that you are being treated unfairly. 

A final note, If you are trying to win a court case and your hands are not completely clean in the matter: avoid using this candle. Reason being, this candle conjures the forces of 'justice' and will dispense it! Meaning, you may get a lighter sentence but not total victory.




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