How to read divination signs from candle burning

February 5, 2012

 Candle Divination


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Thank you,
Mrs. Ruby

i bought a gaurdian angel candel and felt good about it but in lighting it i ask for protection from my angel and lete hear and understand my angel when they speak to me but that candel so much problems it kept going out the wax would cover the wick and crackle when ever i apply oils even holy water?

when the wick is out and there is still wax how do i dispose of the rest of the wax cause i did a healing candle a human candle and im afraid to do anything as i think something bad will happeb to the person if i dont do it right

I started my Crown of success honey jar in late January. I am still burning my candles because I am waiting for my application result (to grad school).

Here are my observations:
1. 97% of the time, the candle finishes in around 1.5 hours (except around 4-5 times, the candle finished around 15 mins longer)

2. 98% of the time the flame is really clam, normal height, burns straight down

3. 90% of time when I wallk pass by the candle, the flame dances a bit and gives out black smoke ---> (is it a bad sign?)

4. 85% of time there is no residue; 10% of time a bit of wax left on the candle holder (around 1 mm thick); and 2 times the wax dripped a few drops on the side of the jar

5. the top of the candle holder has turned black (around 1cm from the bottom of the holder)

I am quite comfortable with the fact that the candles are calm and most of the time there is no residue. But I am not sure about the black candle holder and the occasionally black smoke (when I walk pass by the candle). Do you mind offering your insights?

If it is just the candle holder there is no problem. If it was a glass encased candle then that would be a bad sign.

Anytime the candle is giving off black smoke, there are some issues that need to be worked out with your request. Basically, the candle is fighting off some sort of block.
Have you seen any signs that some sort of block concerning your grad application is there?

Try to go and double check to make sure all your papers are in order.

If you are really concerned, try burning a small mini encased candle on the jar. This will allow you to see how much (if any) smoke gets on the jar.

`Mrs. Ruby

Thanks Mrs. Ruby!

I am not sure about the block. The admission office confirmed receipt of all my documents. Now I am just waiting for the result (which will be announced between now to July).

The only possibility I can think of is my less competitive GPA (the acceptance range is 3.5 or above and mine is 3.6ish).

I was wondering if you offer help to burn encased candle for clients. Thanks!

I am doing a spiritual white jar candle and also to bring back my daughters father of several years. Lots of disagreements but we love each other but he wouldn't even talk to me. My white guardian angel candle is on its 6th evening and burns the same tall oval but pointy white high flame blue at the very bottom of it. Top of jar is dark gray and clean down but still have some burning left. The wick is what looks a lot like a knot but looked like a Heart a couple of days ago. The black things in the clear wax looks like hearts, two moon like shapes parallel to each other and also looks like his first initial. The flames at first were red then bright orange and even seen all blue but now just all white. Can someone help me understand

I am burning a Red Candle and noticed recently that the wick formed a loop. What does that symbolize?

Hi Mrs. Ruby,

I burned the candle to symbolize a budding romantic relationship between me and another person. I also burned it for fertility.

What's interesting is that the wick of the candle did not burn down. The wax is gone but the wick is still there. And the flame of the candle has almost burned down to the bottom of the glass.

Bizarre don't you think?

Okay, it makes more sense to me now. I would carry the wick along with some love drawing herbs.

This circle would then represent eternal love. As the circle itself represents a continual loop.

I think this is a very good sign.

`Mrs. Ruby

Oh WOW! that's great to hear. Thanks Mrs. Ruby! Look forward to taking some of your classes soon.

Mrs. Ruby,

I made a whole new honey jar last night. The candle burned all last night, this morning at 6 am it was still on, I checked it again, before I left to work, and it turned off. I relight it, and i left it on. This after noon, when I came home from work, the candle was off, I said a prayer and I relight it once again. Is still on as of now.

What are your thoughts?

When a candle continuously goes out it's not a good sign. That is a sign that spirit doesn't want you to do this work. What spirit? It could be any spirit: your guardian angel or a harmful spirit working against the work.

Check the ingredients used, and make sure you understand what each one means. It is also important to know how certain ingredients work together. Some ingredients when mixed together make for a bad combo!
If you are not well versed in the magical arts it's best to keep it simple.

Of course, in some situations it could be that you just had a bad candle. You can try to burn a different one.

~Mrs. Ruby

Thank you so much for responding.

Ever since I got home ant lit it, it has been burning, in fact, it's almost out, I will be lighting another candle today, to keep the work going.

Thanks again!

Mrs. Ruby,

The second candle burned really fast... Isn't it weird how the 1st candle was slow and turned off twice and the 2nd candle, it was done before 3 am this morning... What are your thoughts?

I bought a guardian Angel candle so I can have peace with in me when I noticed it was all gone it had cracked & the wax spilled but the light was still on & it had black on the side, is it because I had it next to my holy death that it went like that or is it something really bad??

hi i have 2 candles burning one adam and eve candle and one come to me candle the adam and eve candle is black at the top and the rest clear , what are your thouhgts on this?

i have burned a st. jude candle a green one and left it at church no herbs or anything.its more protecting the spirit and soul. as the person doesn't have any faith. it had a crack on the back side of the candle but it burns clear. what does this mean?

i have a holy death candle that is burning black sooty or black glare. do i just keep burning this candle until its clear or do i try a different kind of candle?

Dear Mrs. Ruby,

I am burning love honey jar on my boyfriend ( for the things to get a bit better, that we get closer etc), and I had great success with it so far. Today, was different. The flame was so unusually high and mostly calm, just a little dancing towards the top of that flame, but it was soooo high.
The candle burns clean.
What are your thoughts???

Thank you.

Hi Mrs. Ruby,
I'm currently seeing a spritual healer & have a Honey of Love Candle burning. When I first lit it the flame went out within 15 minutes, I noticed there was a lot of oil & wax that prevented the wick from keeping the flame. I soaked up a little of the excess oil & wax, re lit the wick & the flame has stayed. Since yesterday I've noticed that the wick is now very close to the side & this morning I woke up to the smell of the glass being burnt & it left a black stain long wise. I moved the wick a little away so that the flame wouldn't keep burning the glass, but now I'm worried. I'll see my healer again when the candle is completely out, but curiosity is getting the best of me.

Hi, im burning a double action red/ black candle. With some cut and clear oil so im instructed to dress candle from black to red clear all negativity so my ex would come back the way i need him told by psychic. My flame is strong and clear is that a good sign. burning a come back to me candle for my ex who recently started seeing someone new. Since I lit it, my anxiety has gone tgrough the roof. Is this a sign of anything? ...and the flame dances wildly with not wind or breeze in the room. Also, my reader told me this is who I end up marrying (he dressed the candle for me)...weve been on and off for over 3 years. He seems happy with this new girl. Im a nervous wreck.

Thank you Ruby. Im pretty sure its not burning black. Just the top of the glass where it had been burning thst high is slightly grey. Is that ok? Also ..I burn it overnight, set my intentions and it burns while I sleep. Good or no? Thsnk you for being so helpful. There too, is a prayer in another language under the candle with both of our names on it....

Mrs. Ruby

I'm burning a candle and the wax is running a long line of wax with a circle at the end, one wax shape look like a "L" surrounded by a circle and then it's a tiny circle what do this mean???

I put another st jude green candle at the church after saying the prayer in the back of the glass encase candle. I lit the candle the flames split into two. my desires was for my BF peace of mind, there was infidelity a few months back and the woman still bugs him and my desire was for her to go away. and let us be so we can have peace of mind.

I have a green st jude candle in my home dressed it with a little holy water. it only took 4 days to burn, its clear but has a clear gloss to it, and there's two crack on the bottom of the glass not on top. what does this mean?
my desires was for my BF doesnt have faith but I want his spirit and soul protected. I want this woman that he had an affair with to leave us alone too-just to go away..

I put a picture around the holy death candle tied with a black ribbon around it and it burns black only half top what does it mean? And do I just continue the same routine. I'm thinking of doing protect my enemies candle same way.

Hi Mrs. Ruby,
it's me again... I've been burning a Come To Me candle for 2 days now & it's been burning really clear until today. It's almost half way & there's less than 1/2 an inch of wax around the glass that hasn't melted. What could that mean? Thanks a bunch!

I burned a Pink and Red Love Draw c,dle to get my ex back (we are still seeing eachother but not committed).The candle burned clear, and burned out completely within 6 days. The flame was continually high and strong and the wick was in the shape of what appeared to be a heart or circle. When the candle was finished burning, I heard a loud pop and a small hole had been blown out of the side of the glass. The only thing left was a small bit of the oil I used to charge the candle. Aside of that everything was clear, in tact and perfect. Wh( does it mean?

Hi there :) I dressed and burned a green candle with the intention that I receive my settlement check soon because I am about to be evicted as I have fallen upon rough times.. I dressed it in olive oil, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. The candle burned all night, at times high. Around 8:30 in the morning, a small brown spider descended from the ceiling over my head. As I moved out of its way, it landed on my bed and walked to the edge of the bed at the same time the flat glass candle dish cracked fairly loudly, and a piece broke off. I snuffed out the remains of the candle (the wick had burned through to the glass, some wax remained around the edges.) Is this a terrible sign? Please help. I'm concerned and unsure if I should re-do the spell. Thank you!

Hi Mrs. Ruby,

I just bought a red scented Christmas candle for love.

When I lighted it, the flame seemed going towards to the side. Then after, it went straight back up and now it has calmed down, about pointing straight up.

Does that signify anything?

Thank You!

I am very new to this. I was doing a candle spell on someone and the flame was steady but in the middle the flame went crazy bouncing up and down very quickly. It happened repeatedly in the middle. There was little black smoke. It was a four inch black chime candle in a glass candle holder that was free standing.

Thank You


Today I burn a red candle with a needle in the wick to make my lover's heart turn back to me and its the 3 time I did it and the wick burn out and put the needle out of the candle. but the very first time it burn fully wright with the needle in the wick.. what is really going on, what does that mean??

Hi, I did a look for me with cacndles for 7 days. Its been 6 and already twice i have a mountain of tears down in the glass. what does it mean?

I bought a yellow Holy Spirit candle. I didn't read the prayer that was in the back. I just said my own prayer. I put the candle on top of my medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I got home the candle was off. I tried to relight the candle and had trouble. I used a tissue to relight it and I had to drop the tissue in so it had some black smoke. Then the top of the glass cracked. I guess from the flame of the tissue or maybe bc it was a flimsy glass candle. Should I Read into this anymore. Or just coincidence.

I'm burning a red Saint Barbara candle and the flame is burning from medium to high, at points it's steady then it begins to sway. The top of the candle has white soot on the top half of the candle. Is this a good sign?

Hello Mrs.Ruby
im doing a come to me candle and a love honey jar for somebody to come back to me the flame is big it burns for hours by 7 am its still bright i recently poured some wax from the candle i notice that where there was some wax on the glass it was black could it be that the flame just burnt the wax there isnt no black or grey smoke at all its clear

I had a two tone candle dressed ready for me to burn and it shattered into 3 pieces when the wick still had 1/2 an inch of wax. The glass also turned black towards the end. The purpose of the candle was to open communication between my friend and I. We are arguing and have not talked for two months. I have known him for 11 years.

Hi Mrs Ruby,

I've begun working with a particular Saint for road opening, as I'm currently undergoing a period of necessary change in my life. Anyway, I lit Him a dressed 8" tapered red and white candle, and they both burned beautifully and steady, remaining at even heights throughout the entire burning, with strong, tall flames, and the wicks I noticed to be slightly curved to the right.

The candles burned fairly fast, though right at the very end with the red candle reaching the glass votive/tea-light style holder, it more so than the white began flickering quite violently towards the right-hand side, and right before it went out I heard a crack and saw that it had cracked the holder with the final few drops of wax spilling out of the center of it. The white candle finished less than 30 seconds after, clean.

Logic tells me it was the intensity of the strong flame that made the glass crack at the end, but I think I will be re-doing this burn again the following day just to make sure. I wanted to know your opinion on the burn overall.


I burned two candles. A white one representing God and a red one representing love to come to me. Especially with a certain man in mind after we recently broke up. The wax from the red spilled onto the plate and made the shape of an empty circle. Like a donut kind of. and the white one just burned down completely but took double the time to burn. What do you think this means?

Hey ruby I lite up a candle for my wifes grandmom. A white one in glass and the first time I did it it broke and then the second time I did it it burn the whole glass black after it was done.. what does that mean torwards me

I got 2 luv candles one thinkin of me, one love they jumpy constantly, one was high one lower now both med strong jumpy, then a protection and road opener same room and time steady and calm sorta lowish

I burned a hooodoo money candle, the rim of the glass was smokey however it seemed to burn well. I opened the window and the light blew out, is this a bad sign??? Is it okay to light the candle again? Please advise. Thank you!

Hi Ruby,

I just lit a ajo macho green candle to protect me from evil spirits and candle and it looks like there it is divided into 2 wicks the main one is burning and there is a loop around that one and to the one on the left of it is is burned at the bottom only but not lit at the top. What could this mean?

Im burning a come to me candle (the one that comes in a glass jar) I anointed it with come to me powder and oil. The flame had been dancing around steady for days and now it's still dancing but calmer and the flame is Blued and yellow. I don't know what to think, our relationship is so day to day.

Hi Mrs Ruby,

I am going steady with a guy for 4 yrs we are both serously commited to each other. And in order teo quicken the events to get married I lit a red Huge red candle and made my wish but I am noticing that as the candle is burning 1/3 of it is remaining still. Only the front part is decreasing in height. Do you have an idea what could this mean???

Thanks in advance.
Tk care

Hey, I started to burn a free standing candle of a man for a guy that I love to forget "past hurts". The candle's flame was a fairly tall and strong one, but within less than a day, it stops/finishes burning with 1/2" wax still left on the plate. The wax left formed a circle with two long "arms" on the side (im guessing from the man). I cannot tell if the spell has worked or I should try again.

Hi Ms. Ruby,
I need your help badly. Could you do a spell
for me? I can't afford to pay large prices at the moment,
but can pay reasonable price. Do you take payment plans for rootwork or not?

Thank you,

Hi Mrs.Ruby
I have question about candle burning on my vinegar jar to sour one relationship or to break it up. I use 4”black candle with “break up” oil and “break up” and “inflammatory confusion” sachet powders.I was read that when I will make vinegar jar I need to work with them repeatedly/constant 9 nights and after that only Thu. and Sat.The first wax puddle was biggest,second smaller,third smaller than the second one and till today (8th candle) each is smaller than the previous.Tonight I will burn last 9th candle so I will see how that wax puddle will be. Flame was all the time steady,clear, no black smoke,no jumping or something like that,but I am curious what it means that the first candle has the largest wax puddle and every next is getting first wax puddle in the middle has a black heart shape ( ) is that some kind of sign ? whether it has the effect of what I do with the jar ? do my work with jar have an effect on the target?
Here is a picture of those 8 burnings -
Thank you in advance

what does it mean if your wick or flame moves over to the side I think its right when I face it its left and thats honey of love glass candle 7 day and the patchouli love me candle deep burgandy this the 2nd the first nice strong bouncy flame clear slightly whitish grey on top 1 inch of glass only but clear down this 2nd one still burning so dont know yet but yea would like to know the other stuff

Today is the night of a new moon. its now 12:33 about 10minutes ago i lit a green candle. to bring money "wealth" about 5 mins after i went to go blow out the candle because i was going to sleep i blew pretty hard the candle wouldnt go out.. it was like trying to blow out a torch. so i went told my mom she didnt believe me so i went and tryed again but this time was recording i blew as hard as i could and the same thing happened it was being blown and it got really small was was blue then when i stopped it looked normal it took me 6trys! to blow it out iv had the goose bumbs ever since and keep getting the chills what does this mean?!!?

Mrs. Ruby,
Hi, my name is Dawn. I know you are not answering any questions until after the new year. But none the less I have a situation...I always light a guardian angel candle for self protection. Last week and this week the candle turned the top half of the glass very black and the glass broke , shattered ( yes wax spilled ) also the prayer on the candle was burned black in a line but the candle emitted whit smoke and quite a bit of it. Also the first candle that did this was just placed on my dresser..this week i placed it in a glass bowl with water! Thank you in advance, looking forward to your response! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hello, I have been burning a st. Michale candle, a white candle, and a st jude candle for a couple months now for protection for me, my family and home and remove negativity in general All candles prior to this recent set have burned well. These 3 are on the verge of going out wax is almost covering all three of their wicks the st michael candle has gone out. Relit a new st michael candle and continuing to have the same problem. What might this mean? Have I burned these candles too long or is something working against my wishes. What can I do pls help!
Worried :/

What does it mean when the candle takes a long time to out? It was to the point where there wasn't even any wax around it but it stayed lit anyways

What does it mean when a candle dedicated to my ancestors has a white ring around the top of the candle? I have an idea I just a confirmation.

I was burning a red large candle for xmas and the wax showed a big figure that caught my attention so much, I had a intuition It was a message. The wax formed a figure that looks like and angel with spreaded wings. Also that candle when burning was quiet violent, restless , like the flame is being sucked, changing direction a lot , with some little black smoke sometimes

thanks for your help :)

Hi ms ruby I just bought a come to me candle it's my first time doing it am really want to my ex to come to me I light up the candle it sparked and the flame got a lil high I did the prayer and I checked the candle and it has glitter on the top sides it's not black or grey but it has glitter I put my ex boxers under the candle does that help?

Mrs. Ruby:

I have a candle honey of love candle on. As I read a few of your comments above, I saw that when it burns steady that means forcing are working for me. My question is will the forces diminish if I have to turn the candle off while I head for work.


I was burning a blue candle for emotional healing ti help increase communication and interaction between myself and the ex. However the wick burned down very close to the glass. The wax burned even but the flame burned high and left burn marks down the side. What does that mean?

i have a question. im burning 3 seperate candles and im mixed up 1 is the most powerful helping hand for a job that pays well to support my kids. and to bring back the man i love. tjere was some black smoke and the top of the candle only the top is black. then 2 is a yellow candle where i petition ochun to bring back the man i love and u have to burn candles for a cerain amount of days. and the candles are suppose to be 7 day candles and candle 1 burned in 4 days only top was black with a little tiny bit wax at bottom then 2nd candle burned in 3 1/2 days clear all the way and this 3rd and final yellow i only lit it yesturday (jan 3) and its almost done already. and the third candle to bring back the man i love was a come to me, the first one took forever to burn then this 2nd come to me i lit yesturday when the first went out and when i lit it then the wick was really long so two flames came up and i moved the wick over a little now its back to one once i fixed it. then its been burning quicker this time around. all 3 candles have been having high flames. so im ver confused. ive also been told i have negativity on me blocking me and the man i love how do i remove the negativity?

Hi Mrs, Ruby,
I did a reversal cande on someone who wishes me bad intentions. I asked that their wish be returned to them. I was told I had to do this 3 months in a row. The first one I did had a little blackish grey on the top 1/2 in. The second one (which just finished) The top half was clear, the bottom half was black with clear holes all over. What does this mean? Everything I have found tells me of black or grey on top half, I have found nothing on bottom half being black or grey. Also, 1/2 of wax on bottom did not burn and wick is gone. Thank You, Terri



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