Hoodoo Spells

January 14, 2013



Hoodoo Spells

 Hoodoo spells can be very powerful when cast properly. You can cast these spells for love, friendship, money, health, and overall success. The sky is the limit if you have a basic understanding of the system. At its core it depends on sympathetic magic as it requires the rootworker to obtain a personal concern belonging to the intended target. Having obtained this magical link the target is rooted for good or ill.



 Unlike other magical systems, hoodoo does not take into account karma. In fact, it has no place in traditional hoodoo. The rootworker works their magic from a place of Justification rather than karma: including the three fold law held in high regards in Wicca. A rootworker believes that their righteousness protects them from any form of rebound.


 The Use of Black Magic

 Hoodoo is no stranger to the use of black magic to obtain its goals. However, it should be understood that not every rootworker employs black magic in spell casting (or laying tricks as called by many elders in the tradition). In fact, these workers are often called “Lady Hearted Rootworkers.”


Tying & Binding

Most hoodoo spells are binding in nature: both blessings and curses. The idea of free will is not held to the same standard as in most traditions. No airy, fairy stuff here!


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