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January 5, 2010

 Honey Jar Spells

Please post your questions concerning Honey Jar spells by following this link http://magickcourses.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=hoodoo.  I'm moving this board because I'll be redoing the site soon. You will need to post all questions concerning honey jar spells on there. 

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I will answer questions in the order that they come, first come first served. I usually visit the board once a month. If I haven't answered your question(s) do not repost it. It will only be deleted. There is no need for repeat post. I will answer as soon as I find the time.



Thank you,

Mrs. Ruby

I don't have access to any of his personal items. He works in my building , but I can't even get his handwriting sample. I read it was his name and then my name over his in a 90 degree...! U r the expert. But I think this is simplier than the other instruction.

Hi Mrs.Ruby I am asking for my mom do to she dont have a way to get on line and I ran across your page :)Ok here we go .
Mom - I have 2 settlements that I have been waiting on for a year they are not going to court . I have everything for the honey jar here are the herbs I have (little john to chew ,sumac berrie ,five finger grass,master root,and low john. I know all the names but dont have anything of theres . Can I go on and do the honey jar ?
and the last thing I want to know is I have a friend that has a house for sale but she wants way way to much money for it but its in a good place I would love to but it . could I do a honey jar on her to sweeten her to my price? I would like to buy it after I get my settlements and go out of where I am now do to this is all family and we dont get along at all .
Thank you for every thing you help all of us with !
Froggie's Mom

Hi Froggie,

Add a copy of the court papers to the jar. Try adding one that has all parties name on it (at least their name). The ingredients for the jar seem fine.

Yes, you can create a jar for the house that you desire. Get a picture of the house to put in the jar. You will need to use it as your petition paper. Turn it over, write the woman's name 3 times (one under the other one), turn 90 degrees to the right,and write your desire 3 times on top of that. Fold the paper to you. Make it small and stuff it in the jar.

I would add good old kitchen Basil. Basil will make her have sympathy toward you :)

Take care,

Mrs. Ruby

Thank you so much ! Mom said tell you thank you also !!


Hi Mrs.Ruby ,

Mom wants me to ask if she needs any oils and what she could do to speed the settlements up .
Thank you again for all you do !

I started a honey jar today. I put rose petals in the bottom, used cinnimon oil inside the jar, used both the oil and vaginal fluid to annoint his picture, put a used qtip in if his, some of his spit on a kleenex, a piece of paper with his hand writing, and a petition to have him love me and come back to me, then i alternated between sugar and honey to fill up the jar. I put the metal lid on and am burning a pink candle that i inscribed his name love me and come back to me. I have dragons blood incence also burning. Does this sound good? I will alternate between ponk and red candles for a week then put the jar on my alter next to St Marthas candle.

I am doing a honey jar spell for a lover to return. In the jar, I have added honey, sugar, a petition paper, our photos, rosemary hard and some cinnamon. I am using white candles and olive oil (for dressing) for this and I have been burning candles every day since the last 2 weeks. I let the candles burn out fully. I noticed that there was some wax buildup on the jar lid but yesterday when I saw, the buildup was totally gone. Can you please tell me what this indicates?

Hi Mrs. Ruby,
Thanks for replying :)
I will try to explain as much as possible. I have been burning candles on the jar for about 2 weeks now. Till day before yesterday, there was a wax buildup on the jar. And then, as usual I lit another candle on top of the buildup. But when this candle went out (got completely burnt out), there was no wax residue left behind. The former buildup was also gone. I checked the floor and the counter on which my honey jar is kept. I couldn't find the residue anywhere. So, I just want to understand what this could mean.

Thanks in advance.

Mrs.Ruby ,
We were able to get the lady's to sign something for Mom and also her hair . Can Mom put that in the honey jar with a photo of the house and the Basil ? Mom wants to make sure she dose it right :) She has got white candles and Olive oil to put on the candle.
Thanks for everything !
Froggie and her Mom

I was once told to do a honey jar with half jar of honey, the other half with urine, put a beautiful rose and a picture of your lover/ex. Can you please tell me what kind of spell this is for and if i can use the sugar water instead of the honey.
Thank you.

Does the honey jar have to fill up the entire jar??

Thank you so much for everything !

when you do a jar spell do you have to put the whole rose bud with the petals still in tack or can i just put the petals in

Do you know if a honey jar would work for my ex to trust me?

My person of interest has trust issues sure to a past relationship broke his heart. He admits that he would love to be in a relationship with me because I make him feel like he never felt with hours ex the whole 9 years they were together. We started to take our friendship of 3 years to the next level and he became spooked.
-I want him to trust me and feel free to love me would a honey spell work good for this situation?
-if so, I have sum of his pubic hair what other herbs do you feel would be good for my honey spell?
-would I need more than one jar? one for trust,one for love and one for him to want me?
-if I can use just one jar would this petition be ok? ”want me love me trust me”

hi can i use hot top water to make sugar water for this honey jar spell and red paper napkin to write his name on?

Hello I have done a honey jar and I just want to know if I can add another petition to the jar, if so would I need to add more personal concerns?i have been working the jar for three days now with candles but I had the jar and would pray over it without lighting any candles for a couple of weeks. I do appreciate your help. Thanks

Mrs.Ruby we did the sugar jars and on the last one I forgot to eat some of the sugar water . Would I need to reopen it and eat some ? I have dont burned a candle on it .
Thank you so much for everything ,

Thank you :)


ms. rudy when doin honey jar with sweet water where do you put the photo in the will it be the lid to keep it from getting wet with water or just where you put it.
thanks sweetthang

This has to be the best site I've found for clear instructions! I have two questions and I apologize in advance if I missed the answers below.

First, if there is more than one person to be sweetened, can the petitions go in the same jar?

Second, if I don't have any personal items from someone, but I do have a picture, will that work?

Hi Mrs Ruby,
I have made a jar because my mom is spreading bad rumors about me and my husband, ruining our reputation at work and with our friends. She is very sneaky and she poses as a loving concerned mom, but she is just vicious. I have put sugar only and pictures of her in the jar, I sew the mouth with black thread to make her stop talking lies, I have burned a pink candle on the jar, but at the end, I used the last drops of candle to seal the jar. I put a black ribbon around the jar's neck, to keep her evil thoughts and actions away.
I am worried that my jar doesn't have liquid inside. I sealed the jar with wax, is this OK? What else can I do? Thank you

How many persons can I add in one jar considering I want the same outcome from all? Thanks

Thank you Mrs Ruby. I've made another honey jar, filled with syrup and added the pictures as you said, with the names and the request as you have taught me. I hope I have done it right this time around and that will work. I am new at this, but I am desperate and first jar was made after I read on another forum, but was not very specific. Thank you so much for your help, I have read all comments and your answers on this topic! Thank you for helping desperate people who you don't even know! you must have a big heart

I made a honey jar today. I put our names on the paper my name was intersecting his. I also put sperm from a condom and the actual condom we used with honey in the jar. Now I am burning a red candle on top. Did I make the jar correctly?

Hi, I made a honey jar and I usually get clean burns, but problem is all the burnt candle wicks are left on top of the jar after each burn, so sometimes when a new candle almost finish burning, the old burnt wicks caught fire and lit up and start burning as well. Is that alright? Should I clean away the burnt wicks or leave them alone on the jar lid.

Hi Mrs Ruby,

I am doing a honey jar for my ex so that he returns back to me.

I did a moving candle spell along with the honey jar.

In the honey jar, i have put 2 snuggled lodestones with magnetic sand, balm of gilead buds(joined) for reconciliation, personal concerns(my photo and hair),(his photo and piece of handwriting), orange peel, catnip, rosemary, star anise,cinnamon, petition paper(crossing over his name with mine 9 times, petition encircling the paper),drops of attraction oil and return to me oil(just felt like adding the oils) and burnt two candles, one inscribed with his name and the other with mine on top of the honey jar for 7 days.

Mostly the flames were steady , at times joining into one, burning high, one inclining towards the other. On the seventh day, however, one of the candles had a twin flame.

What could be the interpretation for that?

Hello Ruby, I have a few questions; I met a man back in July and things were going good, until he suddenly became distant and aloof and it's been almost 4 months since I last seen him. So I started a honey jar spell to have him return to me. I messed up the first time due to not having all the right materials, so I made a new one about two weeks ago or so.

First question; My candles ALWAYS have burned high and bright, I haven't had any issues with them. I don't have glass candles, I use taper and they tend to leave wax residue and several times I've seen images such as hearts, four leaf clovers, sperm and an egg (I want marriage and children with this individual) I only have pictures of him, not hair or any other type of DNA, will it still work as good?

Second question; My mother and friend have the gift of foresight, they have foreseen marriage and children with this man and I, my mother knew about it him before I even met him, along with the spirits telling me the same thing. The first week I've started the honey jar, my mother had a dream about him and I seeing each other again. I haven't told her I've done a HJ spell, but now the 'feeling' she gets about him and I has increased. Another week goes by and she's had ANOTHER vision about him coming over and helping out with my family. Now I don't get visons often, but I do get dreams, I recently got a few dreams of him coming to see me again. But I have a hard time following my gut because I'm scared of this whole thing not happening, will worrying too much sabotage my jar? Should I just relax? I've gotten multiple signs from the universe that we'll be together, even before I've done the spell. I've even felt the energies of my future children that are both his and mine. I feel like he's the one, I'm just worried that something will happen since I haven't seen him for awhile like him getting a new girl or whatever the case and that he'll be taken from me and nothing comes true. I've done pendulum readings and the answer is always "yes" when it comes to him and I begin together and has been since July. But I don't want to ruin the jar's work, I've worked it two weeks straight, should I leave it alone now and put it away? Thanks, sorry for the length.


Ms. Ruby, 

I love your blog! Thank you so much for posting. I've been self taught for many years and I'm planning on taking courses in the near future. Until then my education is reading many things online and at different spiritual stores. And trying to sift through the good and bad. 

I started my Honey Jar after a fight and falling out with a new love. I waited nearly a month once the anger subsided ...then decided to start the honey jar to sweeten things. He's much more sensitive than I'm used to and im hoping the jar will bring a little more sweetness not only to him but to my sharp tongue. I'm a Scorpio w Scorpio rising very sensitive yet insensitive! 

To many people blame the other person  and are desperately trying to bring them back. But they never analyze what made them leave. I couldn't rush into magic unless I was sure ... Similar to how I view love. 

I realized I truly cared for this man and the spiritual connection we had was beyond anything I've ever felt before. He was literally an answer to a prayer and then it fell apart because we both ran and got scared. One of our first nights just sleeping next to each other I was awoken at 3am to feel a warmth and  something saying "it's right... He's the one!"  (I wasn't drinking, on drugs nor do I usually hear voices!) The next morning he told me he woke up in the middle of the night experiencing something similar. I never disclosed my experience with him ... Which I  regret now that we are not on speaking terms.  But enough details... This is what I did based on your advice to others ... 

I prepared and started work on it before I found your blog... So thanks to your post I opened the jar and added sugar water, yarrow, catnip, red pepper and rose water. So many other sites gave conflicting information but I trust what you say ;) 

I started with honey, his name written w my finger in doves blood ink 7 times, my name crossing it 7 times. I wrote my petitions on the back and folded it 3 times towards me. I included rose hips, echinacea(to strengthen the spell and heal our issues), sage (to purify our spiritual connection) cinnamon, Catsnip, yarrow, red pepper, a bit of sugar water to speed up the process as you recommended above and a drop of rose water. 

I've kept it on an alter where there is a candle heating it from below and above for the first 7 days ... Then I intend to transition to a pink candle on top for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 

I will take your advice to work on it for a few weeks then put it away for awhile. 

I know this wasn't asking a direct question but thanks to your kindness to post on here for so many years with such great information all of my questions were answered. If you think there is anything I should change or modify let me know.

Again, thank you and blessings. 


P.S. I did include a picture of the two of us. Since we had quite a few I included one from one of the happiest nights we had ... One where I was very sweet and kind and actually had to take care of him that evening.

Hi Mrs. Ruby

I was wondering can someone make a honey jar to sweeten someone ones thoughts to having a baby together and how would you go about doing that. Hope your well

Blessed be,

Hi ms. Ruby I am a beginner with the whole honey jar spell. I wanted to know would the spell go wrong if I had purchased a jar already having the honey in a jar? Also, I got so many different ways of doing the honey jar spell with many different ingredients. I am not sure which one to use.

Hello. You say you should only add a picture of the person being worked on, I created a jar and have included a picture of him and I together. I have no picture of him and this was a picture we took of eachother during a happy time. I figured we need to be nicer to eachother on general ... Your thoughts?

Dear Mrs Ruby,

I have been doing a honey jar to bring back my ex using honey and sugar water for the past three days or so. I have been using a bottle with a plastic cap instead of a metal one and tonight, when I left the candle burning while I went to sleep, the cap got burnt through. Thankfully nothing else in my room caught fire.

Can I:

1) Replace the cap and continue with the same jar;
2) Transfer the contents into another jar (I no longer can get any hair from him)
3) Or does this mean the jar spell has failed and I need to dispose of the bottle and stop doing this spell?

Meanwhile, I have placed the bottle with burnt cap in a ziploc bag in case the ants come, while waiting eagerly for your advice.

Thanks so much.

greetings, please share a honey jar spell for money, if one exists.. Thank you.

Hi Ms.Ruby,
It is my first time doing a honey jar. My lover has gone astray since last year. All I have of his is a picture and an old handkerchief. Before I begin, I'd like your advice please.

1. Do I only put my lover's items in the jar or should I also add my own concerns like my picture/hair in the jar as well along with his?

2. What herbs are best to use?

3. I also want to do a jar to sweeten myself with my Uncle due to some family issues. Do I put both his and my picture in the jar or only my Uncle's picture? And what color candle and oil should I use to gain favor from my Uncle?

Thanks in advance for all your help!



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