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January 5, 2010

 Honey Jar Spells

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Thank you,

Mrs. Ruby

I was told to use "hot ingredients" to speed up results. Basically, I would use things like Cinnamon.

hope this helps,


Mrs. Ruby I tried your idea with sugar water, and it worked quite well.



I just want to thank you for all the help that you've given. You're the greatest, Mrs. Ruby :)


Thanks for sharing!
This is really a very cool blog, thanks a great deal for this! I’ve read a great deal about this topic in the past and I agree with you.

hello i used a wine bottle for my spell i used rose pedals white sugar cinnamon eucalyptus leaves and honey will that be a problem?

Hello all.can the honeyjar spell be done anywhere.or does it have to be done in the home only.I'm asking because its safer for me to do it at work.I don't want my wife suspect anything if I do it at home.

Will hair from any place do? He is bald so I can't get it from his head, but he does have facial and body hair. Thanks in advance.

Do I have to use a glass jar? I paid a spell caster to do one for me and she did it in a small specimen cup made of plastic. Will this work? Thank you


i ve question. coz now i made my honey jar without his hair, but if id get them can i add it with my hair to it?
i mean open my honey jar n add hair of both of us?
if so where? just to jar?
n it wont destroy my jar if i ll open it? shouldnt i make new 1???

plsss answer :(

thx for answer:)
hummm yeah i ll put it in some bag one day, but now im doin it from less than 2 weeks, so im still gonna make it n then stop for some tym :) n yeah maybe im stoppin a bit,coz i cant wait :(

Hi. I made up my own honey jar putting in honey and a piece of rose quartz that had been reiki blessed, our picture and some pink rose buds tied together. Its very slow. I would love to open it to add some things but I read you are not supposed to open it. Do you think its ok?

Thank you Mrs. Ruby. I did open it and added rose water and cinnamon and a tiny bit of red pepper. When you say work it, do you mean light the candles on top? Ive been lighting a glass incased pink candle and sometimes a red taper candle. I also place it in a bowl of warm water twice a day, do you think this will help? I also put it beside St. Marta to whom I am doing a novena during the day where her picture is looking at it and by St. Expedite overnight on the stove top where I leave the candle burning overnight. Thanks for your help, you truly are very kind to take this time to help us.

Yes, "working it" means burning candles on top of the jar. Your spells sounds like it should work just fine: just have faith.

-Mrs. Ruby

Is it wrong to do a vinegar bottle to sour the other relationship that my husband is in?

Hoodoo does not follow the idea of karma. Ethics is something that everyone must decide for themselves. Do you think it's wrong, is the question? Do what you truly feel in your heart, and you can't go wrong.

-Mrs. Ruby

Thank you so much. I dont feel its wrong, I feel it is justified to do anything to save a marriage. Thank you for the insight.

Mrs. Ruby. Nothing at all is happening, in fact things seem to be getting worse. My husband is talking about splitting our assets and is now going on a vacation with this other woman next week! I want him to come home and back to our marriage so badly. Any ideas? How long does it take for these to work? I burn pink or red candles on the honey jar but I had only a tiny one strand of his hair, tiny tiny piece with a little bit of mine and I did a sugar water jar also. I did not burn any candles near the vinegar bottle - I was afraid to - and I put it in the basement. Should I have?

Are you guys arguing? If you are, don't use red pepper in any of your work. Red pepper can cause passions to rise: in some cases in the other direction!

Also, honey jars are slow as stated before. A sugar water jar would work faster, but even those take time.

If you don't have his hair in the future, use any object that belongs to him. You could even use a piece of his sock if it comes down to it.

You can't work magic effectively and worry about his relationship with the other woman. You will need to commit to getting him back, focus on that, and keep to the task.

Also, try burning between a white and pink candle for awhile.


thank you, no arguments because he isnt even talking to me. I actually think the honey jar is making ME nicer to him! thank you I will burn some white t lights also and started the 9 week novena to St. Marta today. I have the honey jar beside her. By the way I used heavy clear tape over the photos and my petition so that they dont turn to mush. Hope that is ok. I get it about just focusing on the honey jar and love energy towards it. thank you

Mrs. Ruby, just one more question that may help all. I purchased some of the special oil's for the candles. Would it help to put a little drop of these love oils in to the honey jar also? Just a thought

It's not necessary because you use them to oil the candle.

However, if intuition is nudging you in that direction, then, give it a try.

`Mrs. Ruby

Hi mrs.rudy i have a question for you i did a honey jar yesterday i wrote my partner name 3 times on a brown paper bag and then i wrote my name in 90 degrees across his name with mines then i took his some of his hair and put my hair across his and wrote in red in a circle with out taking my pen off the paper then i fold the paper toward me until i cant fold it no more and them i said a few word and eat a spoon of the clover honey and then i push the paper in the honey and close it. I just want to know if i did everything right the only thing is that i cant burn a candles because we live together. Also do you think i should do another jar this time should i do the same thing but this time do the sugar water so it can work faster but still keep my honey jar as well. Please let me know thank you god bless.

Thank you for your input however i did the sugar water jar too last nite and added a picture of me n him and also added the photo in my honey jar as well. You told me to use birthday candles when he not home. What color should i get and do i burn a candle every chance i get when he not home?

Traditionally, it would be done Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, this may not be possible for you so do it as often as you can.

As far as color goes, use the same colors as you would if using regular candles.

Pink for affection and love.
Red for passion.
White can be used as an all purpose candle.
You will need to decide which one you need.

Take care Kelly,

~Mrs. Ruby

Thanks ms Rudy i have faith in everything i do but can i ask u this? Had u known of this jar giving good result? i believe i did everything right?

One question what are the do's and dont of this of this jar spell basically what not to do while this is working.

Try not to argue with your mate. Actually, this is true for any type of love work.

Be patient, try not to worry about results : let it happen.
~Mrs. Ruby

Thank you i will keep u posted atleast i did everything correct i just have to burn candles.

Oh i guess i might as well get rid of my jars cause we were together for 12yrs and he ended our relationship it a month now and he dating someone already who he said he fell in love. we still live together but he act if we never exist i guess im stupid for doing the jars. I love him that was my other half my lose is someone else treasure.

Ms Ruby if u read the last thing i wrote could u please tell me what can i do to get the love of my life back. Anyone can help me i been with him for 12yrs and it killing my soull.

Kelly, I don't do spell consultations on the board. I will tell you this, and what you do with it is up to you.

The type of the spell used will depend on what is actually occurring between the two of you.

Listen carefully; the following information should be taken if the person actually wants to be with you! Meaning, your breakup may possibly be due to some occult means. If this is not the case, I would advise against working on someone who truly doesn't want to be with you. This will not bring you happiness.

If your breakup is due to someone using black magick against you, then, spiritually cleansing yourself (along with some work to attract him back)should return your lover. Meaning, you would continue to do work on yourself to uncross and unblock yourself. When people do breakups against others, they are actually crossing (or blocking) the person in their love life. It makes sense that unblocking one’s love life: returns the lover.

If the person used their menstrual blood to take your lover, this is a Strong Spell. To break the spell, the man would have to go without eating/ drinking from the other woman for 2 months. This will break her control. If you don’t break her control and he returns, he will only go back and forth between the two of you.

If the person left simply because you guys didn’t get along, a honey jar will do the trick. It will make the person sweeter to you, and see you in a better light. I also have heard of people adding controlling oil or “Do as I say oil” to their honey jars. However, this may be too harsh in a romantic relationship. But you can try it.

Now, you can go it alone and follow my directions. It should bring you some measure of success. If you need further help, then, you will need a spell consultation located here http://thehoodooworkshop.jigsy.com/spiritual-consultations

Wow, very helpful information. Thanks for sharing!
I'm considering making a jar for work to help me deal with a difficult supervisor. Someone suggested that I add some controlling oil to the jar. Would this be correct? Also, does the jar need to be filled to the top in honey? I'm thinking of burning pink , white, and purple candles on the jar. Is this okay?

Thank you for your time,

Hi Mrs Ruby,

I'm curious by no 44 post. I had friend who argued with a guy after he went for holiday. The problem is the random girl he hook up with during his holiday. we suspect the worst

You mentioned that to break strong menstrual spell, the man would have to go without eating/ drinking from the other woman for 2 months.

So will the spell break if he is not meeting the girl? Rare chance he will see the her within 2 months, so he wont eat/ drink anything from her.

Yes it will break. What people don't know about feeding someone menstrual blood is that it has to continually be fed once a month.

If the person goes one month, the spell is weakened. If the person goes two months, the spell is broken.

It does not matter how long the person has been eating from the woman either. A man can be feed for 2o yrs straight, it doesn't matter, the spell will break as soon as he stops eating/drinking from the woman.

If a woman depends on this method to keep her man, she will be in trouble because women stop bleeding at some point!

Also, woman that use this method can loose their man once they become pregnant. Because for 9 months she has nothing to feed him.

`Mrs. Ruby

Ms. Ruby you have a great group happening here :)
I am very interested in furthering my knowledge in Hoodoo/Rootwork. Was wondering which class should I consider starting with first.
Also, am I allowed to join in the talks on here or do I have to be a participating student?
Do you provide a private forum so others can come together.
I am thrilled to have found this site of individuals of like minds! I have no one to speak with in regards to the craft personally, so I have been solitary in my practice. Thank you :)

please save my marriage, we are separated since 1year n my husband do not contact me at all, please i want him back in my life, i want him to change and look for me n our daughter please show me a spell which can bring him to me immediately we really need him, we r suffering emotionally n financially thanks a lot

Oh my God, some people are so rude. Let me apologize for this woman. Mrs. Ruby gives so much of her time trying to help those in need. Still, this is not enough for some people. It is ridiculous, do they think you have nothing better to do than to work for the whole world "FREE"? It's a darn shame how people try to take advantage of good people. Shame is all I can say!

`Joe Joe

Mrs. Ruby,I was reading over your previous post which are pretty cool. I just have to say, you rock!
I certainly appreciate the help you've given me!

thanks again,


I would like to start a honey jar for my friend that's in jail...He goes up for his appeal in july what should I put in it so he can win his appeal and come home this year...

Honey jars serve to sweeten people or situations. To be honest, I wouldn't just hang my hat on just this spell. However, this thread only deals with honey jar spells: so try the following:

I would add anything that deals with success, power, control, and something to remove negative energy.

A good formula:
Master root to gain the upper hand
Low John for luck in legal matters
Devil shoestring to tie down evil

Add this to the basic honey which consist of honey and sugar. Add an item that belongs to the person (a picture is good). Write the person's full name 3 times, then, write what you want to happen on top of that.
Burn purple candles on top of the jar and dress with high John the conqueror oil .
You can also put a copy of the 35 psalm in the jar. Tear it out of the bible and put it in there.

These are just suggestions, but you get the basic idea.

Take care,

Mrs. Ruby

Thank you Mrs. Ruby...I will try it...

You're very welcome, Debbi.

I hope everything works out for you.

`Mrs. Ruby

Can you do the jar at work

Can the honey jar... work for someone who is overseas? i only have a picture...do i put both mine and his in... can i mix pancake syrup with honey or just pancake syrup. Can i mix the candles e.g burn some red and some pink? I am new to this site but I like it .. I like that you give direct answers. thanks for your help.

Hi, i am from Greece and i separated with my girlfriend on the 8th of April. It was and is very difficult for me so i learned about magik and all that stuff. The magician who helped me tried in some way to bring back the girl. Nothing happened although he say he tried, she might be now in another relationship (surely she had sex with someone else and i know him), one week now i am trying not to see her not to contact with her and she is making her life. She said many times that she does not want to be with me again but i am sure she loves me because i have information from her mother and everything is positive just she is selfish and a very difficult woman, but i love her. So yesterday i made a honey jar i wrote at the centre of a blank white paper her name 3 times after clockwise 90deg. three times mine with red pen i wrote in a circle way that what i had to write in greek without leting my pen, i folded it to me and 90deg. clockwise turned it always foldng it to me. I put inside the honey jar the paper i put inside of the paper when folding hair from her and hair from me inside the honey jar i put 7 rose bleds, 2 cinamon, 2 vanillia and i closed it. With oil i put on the red candle and saying parallel some words and on the jar i am burning the candle (separated it in 7 pieces = 1 hour burning) and i am telling the little poem about love and the names and everything. Every time i finish (1 hour) i will close it somewhere where it is dark. My question is: 7 days are enough? Can i make something for better solution of the jar spell? Do you have something to suggest? Where exactly do i have to focus when i am saying the text about she, me and our love?
Thank you very much

Hello Greeklover, your jar sounds fine to me. In fact, it is put together with a lot of thought it appears.

Yes, you can work the jar for 7 days or for as long as you want. The important thing is to work with it, then, put it away to do its work.

Take care,

Mrs. Ruby

Thank you very much i will try my best and after a week i will write to you my results!!!

Hi Mrs. Ruby, I would like to know if a honey jar spell will work for an application I put up somewhere and I am beeing put on a waiting list to be called? Anything I can do to speed up the process?

To answer your question Michelle, you will need to understand how magick works. No single spell can help every problem. Magick, like people, is very complex. The type of spell used should always take into account what is actually going on with the individual.

For example:
If your luck is good, a honey jar alone can do the trick. It will make the person hiring take a likening to you. Given, you put the person's name doing the hiring in the jar.

What happens if a person has a difficult time in general finding a job or holding on to one? This person may need to do some other type of working along with the honey jar.

I will give you another example.
If a women splits with her boyfriend because they argue all the time, and she does a honey jar to return him, if they continue to argue he will leave again. Why? Because she didn't handle the underlining issue.

Or, what if someone split them up using magick or other means?

The honey jar may get them talking or back together again, but the individual will only break them up again. Why? Because they didn't handle the original problem.

This is what I try to get people to understand. You got to deal with the underlining problem.

My answer, it may or may not. It will depend on what's really going on in your life.

`Mrs. Ruby

I started a honey jar on Monday night, and I was working it everyday up until Thursday, which the last candle burned completely. But, did stopped adding candles, is it too late to continue my work with the candle as to put another candle tomorrow ? If not, do I need to start the work all over again without replacing the honey jar? For ex: if I work the jar tomorrow with a red candle would that count as day 1 of working the jar? Any advice? Thank you so much Mrs. Ruby! I'm looking forward in ordering the six week course you provide!

You can work the same jar as long as you like. It's okay to work it a while and start back up again. I do it all the time. Also, when there is time in between you start counting it over again.

For example, you worked the jar mon- thurs which is 4 days. If you stopped and started burning again the day you start is counted as day 1. It doesn't harm the jar as the more you work it the power builds.

No worries, you're doing fine.

~Mrs. Ruby

Ms. Ruby i have a real situation on my hand.I have known someone for almost 7 years now we were together before we separated and got back together like 3 years ago. we started going through the same problems again. i do love her but have flirting and lying issues when we first got back together i had used a honey jar spell when we started going through our problems again i did another like 3 months ago and then i did another one like a month ago and now we can't even stand each other and she has brought some one into the home we sharing and saying it's a friend of the family. i don't know if the first one worked because we weren't around each other. i don't want to lose her.the honey jar spell i did is a little different from what i have been reading on the internet.what would suggest

my only problem with it is i'm worried that it will be obvious that something was done cause like i said we don't like each other and she might be talking to someone else. he just moved up with her as a friend but they have gotten close within the past couple of weeks. did i do it right cause mine was done different to what i be reading on here

What ingredients did you use? I can't answer your question without knowing what you did. Post full details here, and I might be able to see what you did wrong ( if anything).

~Mrs. Ruby

I used brown paper red ink black thread and honey. i was told to write her name and what i want happen i.e.jane doe come back to me then you write the same thing back wards . 11 or more times the more you do it i was told the better it is. then fold it towards me then wrap the brown paper after folding it with the black thread as far down as you can put it in the honey turn it upside down and put in a dark place and don't interrupt it

i used brown paper,red ink pen, thread and honey. i wrote her name and what i wanted i.e. jane doe come back to me. then i would write the same thing backward over the one that written first. i would do that more that ii times cause i was told the more times you write it the better. then i would roll the paper towards me. then i would wrap the folded brown paper with the thread towards me then once i finish that i would place it in the honey jar turn it upside down and put it in a dark place.

My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago because we were hving jelousy and controlling issues... since I am a very jelous women and he cheated on me about 2 years ago. I love him alot and we have a child together, I really want him back so I did a honey jar about 2-3 weeks ago... I added honey my name his name and some sugar. I was told to keep it in the oven so it gets warm. I will add our picture to it and will add a little more sugar also. I dd not know that we have to burn a candle on top of it but I will do that tonigh.... good thing is that today is Monday and I have no problems on doing it mon, wed, and fri. What candle color would be better for me? I was thinking pink for love or should I do a color that will make him not be angry/anoyed by me? We talk because of our child and have had sex a couple of time during our separation, he told me that he loved me alot but he is not sure that is wants to get back together...

Perfect..... I started yesterday burning the candles on top of the jar with a pink candle. I will alternate with pink and white as you said. I also added more sugar, our picture and a piece of one of his socks. I hope I am doing everything right!

They said once the honey soaks through the thread and brown paper which could take like 3 months or so.and where can i find the ingredients you suggested

WOW - I just want to thank you Mrs. Ruby, I read all the posts and you are giving us a lot of help and advise.

Hi Laura, you can still heat the jar by putting it on the stove in a pan of water. But you need to be careful, you dont want to bust the glass jar. So just warm it on the stove and say, "your heart warms for me as this jar warms , now and forever". Then burn a candle on top afterwards saying what you normally do.

~Mrs. Ruby

They said once the honey soaks through the thread and brown paper which could take like 3 months or so. wouldn't it be obvious that something has been done that we go from presently not liking each other and her just seriously starting to talk to some one if it was to work. and where can i find the ingredients you suggested

CC, that's how magic works: it changes things. It's not like you're making her a zombie; she has her own thoughts and such. This is why i don't promote zombie like spells, feeding menstrual blood or urine. Because when they break: folks run like the wind.

So no, a honey jar type spell is not that intrusive. Just remember to take things naturally, like working out your problems. Then, you will be fine.

You can try ordering them online or at your local spiritual store.
~Mrs. Ruby

how can we work on our problems when i am moving out. we going still be seeing each other not often though.i'm just nervous about what her family and people is going to think. Plus i can't see myself doing spells like that. i forgot to tell you though the thing about the honey jar i did is that every 6 months i have to do it again to keep it going

What else can I do or say when working the candle? Yesterday I just burnt it in my room at night and I just thought about my relationship.

Nothing, just do as you've already done using my added suggestions. It's not how much you do, its doing the right thing.

Take care,

Mrs. Ruby

Ok, I did the white candle last night, and also put the honey jar in a pan with water... I noticed that it got very watery and this morning it was still watery and our picture was floating on top.... out of all the things I put in there our picture was the only thing I could see. Is there a reason for it or no?

how can we work on our problems when i am moving out. we going still be seeing each other not often though.i'm just nervous about what her family and people is going to think. Plus i can't see myself doing spells like that. i forgot to tell you though the thing about the honey jar i did is that every 6 months i have to do it again to keep it going

Ok. Thank you so much. I will continue working it then.

CC, it's up to you and her how you guys work it out. Magick can't do everything for you. You must tackle what ever problems you have, this is the only way.

You can't worry about what looks suspicious, either you want to work on her or you do not. You must make up your mind. Magick does work well with a back and forth state of mind. Relationships take work, with or without the help of magick.

Take care,

Mrs. Ruby

thanks for your advice. i guess we won't be working it out cause she just recently started talking to someone else and he now lives with her.

I just moved out on Friday and we were arguing a lot since she brought her friend back will that affect the results and if so should I start a new jar.

No , you don't need another jar. However, you can't attract someone while simultaneously arguing with them. It's like pulling and pushing at the same time: one doesn't really get anywhere. I will tell you like I've told others before, make up your mind then go after it. Magic doesn't do everything. One cannot fight with someone at every corner and expect the other person to be with them: just because they cast a spell.
One has to work on the problems in the relationship and magic will make the way smoother.

I suggest you stop arguing , try to work on the relationship, and give the honey jar time to work.
Again , a honey jar will only do so much. It won't stop people from being jealous or banish deep seated fears etc. I'm not saying that's what's going on here : just trying to make a point.

-Mrs. Ruby

Well I feel like my jar is starting to work (maybe?) during the weekend I saw my ex because he went to pick up the baby and he talked to me in a very nice way, very respectful, I tried to treat him nice too but with out going over board. But it was not really what he said but the way he looked at me... I know those eyes and I felt like he was fighting not to hug me.... The next day I went out to the movies with some friend and he saw me... He spoke to me again and was very nice to me (Again) but the next day he went to the house to pick up more of his stuff he left home.... So I thought its starting to work but needs a little more time?
Today will be my 7th day of lighting the candles. When should I stop and should I put away my jar or should I keep it close to me at all times? What should I do next?

Almost forgot... is there a meaning to the ways the candles burn?

I want to make a honey jar w/sugar, water cinnamon, syrup, lil honey, dried rose petals, lil bewitching oil, and a pinch of red pepper.is this ok? Also, I don't have any hair or any of his belongings...what dod I do? Can u explain in simple terms how the names should be written and placed in the honey jar?

Hi Yolie,
You can add anything you desire to your honey jar as far as ingredients go. You can even make a basic one consisting of nothing but honey and sugar; the choice is yours.

You need some type of personal concern representing the target to place in the jar. An acceptable personal concern maybe hair, a photo, handwriting,piece of clothing etc...

There are many ways to write the petition paper. I will give you one way to do it. If you need others they can be found on other sites all over the Internet , just do a search.

On a brown piece of paper bag ( or any paper if in a pinch), write their name 3 times, turn paper 90 degrees , and write your desire 3 times on top of that.

Please take,

Nrs. Ruby



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