The Hoodoo Workshop offers, spell casting, hoodoo spells, hoodoo courses,court case spells,psychic readings, and rootwork. All performed by a talented rootworker learned in the occult.

 I am not taking any new clients until the end of August. I am in the process of creating a waiting list to work on when I get back. To be added to the list, make your payment and email me so you can be added to the list. I will be working cases on a first come first serve bases from that list upon my return.

5 star *****Spell Casting


I Offer Spell casting Here  




 For a Limited time you can get 15 or 30 days of major uncrossing work and get another work free!

  • Get a major uncrossing plus Love work free
  • Get a major uncrossing plus Prosperity work free


 Join one of our Classes

Hoodoo Magic Course this is our 6 week Hoodoo Magic Course (course delivered by download). This course is designed for individuals whom inspire to be a rootworker or simply want to know how to make use of the powerful magical system of Hoodoo. Regardless of your intentions for using this system, this course will provide you with the tools to prosper.  To see a detailed outline of this course, click here.  Please note, this course contains both notes and audio. 

This course is OPEN $189.99 USD


High Magick Course  (Ceremonial Magick classes) (course material located in the group forum)This is our 9 week High Magick Course. This course is designed to demystify high magick and safely teach the student how to work with beneficial spirits to manifest their desires. To see a detailed outline of this course click here for the High Magick Course Outline. This course is OPEN now, you may register at anytime .  $189.99 USD


Read to see  why you should choose me as your rootworker


The Hoodoo Workshop offers conjure work, spell casting, and rootwork services for every budget (self serve: do it yourself or hire me). Regardless of your particular style or need we have something here for you! You won't find the typical spell casting scams that are becoming the norm here. Here you will find original, authentic spells that taken straight from my book of spells (Grimiore). 



 No false promises or lame excuses! I tell it like it is, for real!

I'm GOOD at what I do. But I'm not GOD! The only thing that I can promise you is that I will pull out all the stops to work on your case. I will use the strongest spells I have that have a good success rate. I will faithfully work the altar for the specified days that you have paid for. And you will receive photos of all the work that the spell(s) has been cast. That's all anyone can do. At least if you work with me this I can promise you. Stay awhile and check out my site. I hope you find something that interest you.


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